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    Apr 17, 2014
Layout Galaxy is ready to use web templates / layouts / interface in their source format. (

Photoshop templates .psd file ,Flash templates .fla file and HTML templates

). All you need to do is "Select-Set-Go".
Just pick your choice from a treasure house of captivating web templates, customise it to suit your clients needs and launch them into the cyberspace. It Saves time, Saves Money & Saves effort. Boost your creativity, enhance your productivity - like never before !

Get 800 Web Design Ideas (Photoshop + Flash + HTML) FREE
Designers, reinvent & keep ahead of the curve. Get Ideas for beautiful, unique & original web designs. Each web design template features innovative, well-executed designs characterized by effective use of color and shape. Gain valuable resources

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Layout Galaxy MIXY

web templates

- big on variety, big on value.

Web TemplatesLayout Galaxy Mixy collection offers you the widest choice and total flexibility. Choose your pick from a thoughtfully assorted mix of 50 web templates - with flash headers, without flash headers, smart flash sites & flash intro templates. Each web template is provided with Photoshop source files to offer total flexibility of use. While the web templates are embedded with industry-specific images and content, they can be easily adapted to match any industry / business. Thus, each single web site template comes with the promise of multipurpose usability. Comparatively speaking, LG Mixy offers you more templates, more freedom, more variety and more flexibility for what you would pay for a single template, elsewhere on the web.

You can download free web templates and get a first hand feel of the amazing design finesse offered by LG Mixy.


Make the best impression in business
Presenting .... Layout Galaxy Corporate - 3

Photoshop Website TemplatesCreating the right business image on-line is getting more and more challenging as the business and corporate world demands the best of design, layout, navigation and innovation from web design professionals.

Layout Galaxy Corporate - 3 is a thoughtfully planned, well-researched, practical and highly time-saving ... besides being the latest, freshest and most innovative collection of corporate web templates in circulation today !

Each of these new layouts have gone through strict scrutiny in terms of navigation, layout, colour combination, corporate identity and images suited for corporate web site design. What's more, essential graphic add-ons like news scroll, login box & product display are also incorporated to match the layout design.

Layout Galaxy Corporate - 3 offers 100 brand new ready-to-use Photoshop templates (.PSD) / website templates for Home and Inside pages


Introducing Layout Galaxy Master - 2
Where Web Designing Comes Full Circle

Designers across the world welcome Layout Galaxy Master 2 as a revolutionary product that gives you the power to design anything!

The first of its kind all-in-one compilation layout CD that offers you a choice of 50 full-fledged triple-format websites. (Photoshop .Psd, Flash .fla & .HTML)

Layout Galaxy Master - 2 is the culmination of contemporary web design, made simpler for the novice and the professional alike. It offers you total mastery over creating web design that sell !

Impress your clients with value-added features like shopping carts, pre-loaders, splash pages, synchronized sound, news scroll and so on.


Layout Galaxy Corporate 2
Now.... Web Excellence has a new name !

Photoshop Web TemplatesThe tastes and styles of corporate websites / multimedia presentation are constantly changing. Today, we can see a lot of class and dynamism coupled with user-friendly features. This Latest version includes a lot of new and latest design templates - that are hot and currently in vogue on the web design scene

The CD offers you a choice of 100 PhotoShop (.PSD) templates, complete with Home and Inside Page layouts.

A Great Time Saver ! Like other versions, Layout Galaxy Corporate 2 is the web-designer's ultimate time and labour saving device. The layouts spare you lot of time-consuming back-end and little nitty gritty that goes in to polishing minor design elements that could consume major man-hours on the job.

Avail of this fabulous offer !
Buy Layout Galaxy Corporate 2 and Get 5 Flash Corporate layouts in their source .FLA format FREE !



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Free Download
Learn how to design fast-loading great-looking Web Sites in a day. Get your FREE 6 Web Page templates (Home & Inside Page) + 5 Flash web site templates + 1 Flash Intro + 1 Web Page layout (Home & Inside Page with flash header) along with NewsLetter.


Photoshop 5.5
Front Page 2000

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Professional Step-by-step Guide To Web Designing.
Step 1 Modify the ready-made Layout to incorporate your client's detail.
Step 2 Make Layout Web Compatible.
Step 3 Provide links using web-authoring tool like Macromedia Dreamweaver.
Search Engine & Meta Tags.
Search engine submission
An Introduction To Layout Designing.
Domain Redirect
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How to create a Flash Layout ? - Part 1
How to create a Flash Layout ? - Part 2
Basics of Color - 2
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Web Promotion with Pay Per Click
Creating a Plastic Effect in Photoshop
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Basics of Flash 5 - Part 2
Basics of Flash 5 - Part 3
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Basics of Flash 5 - Part 5
Basics of Flash 5 - Part 6
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Advance Scripting In Flash - Part 2
Advance Scripting In Flash - Part 3
Advance Scripting In Flash - Part 4
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Alexa - The Smart Browsing
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How to create a webpage using layers?
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Dynamically creating grid using action script in Flash 5.0
Dynamically moving arrows using action script in Flash 5.0
Creating a Preloader in Flash 5.0
Dynamic News Scroll in Flash 5.0
Color Transition with Effects in Flash 5.0
Create drop down menu with Flash 5.0 for web site navigation
Creating Photo Gallery in Flash 5.0
Creating Sound Controllers in Flash MX
Creating Dynamic Images Slider in Flash MX
Creating "on click" menu effect in Flash MX
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Creating Banner in Flash MX
Creating Balloon Shooter Game in Flash MX
Creating Resizable Window in Flash MX
Creating Scrolling Buttons Menu in Flash MX
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Creating Top Panel in Flash along with navigation bar
Image Transitions in Flash Mx
Designing Top Panel in Photoshop - 2
Create thumbnails using Action and Automate in Adobe Photoshop.
Creating Feedback form using Flash MX & send the data to email.
Optimizing Size of Flash Movie.
Publishing digital video on web page using Flash 2004
Fine tune / touch up dull Image using Photoshop
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